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Blue Gramma - Bouteloua gracilis (H.B.K.) Lag. Ex Griffiths.

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Plant characteristics

Growth Habit weakly rhizomatous
Texture fine
Density medium
Color grayish-green

Useful Identifying Characteristics

Folded vernation, dense fringe of hairs for ligules, collar containing long hairs.


It is used in semi-arid regions for low-quality utility turf;
drought and heat tolerant.

Other Characteristics

Varieties No improved varieties for turf.
Seeding Rate -


Life cycle perennial
Propagation seed
Seeds/lb -


Sun/shade sun
Soil fine-textured, alkaline
Moisture low, drought-tolerant
Mowing height 1/2" to 1 1/2"
Fertility low

Special Problems

Does not compete well with cool-season turfgrasses under irrigation.
Better adapted to non-irrigated, droughty areas.