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Orchardgrass - Dactylis glomerata L.

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Plant characteristics

Growth Habit bunch-type
Texture coarse
Density low
Color bluish-green

Useful identifying Characteristics

bunch-type growth habit; folded vernation; compressed leaf sheath; long membranous ligule


Used primarily for hay or pastures; occasionally used in roadsides or other low-maintenance turf areas; usually thought a weed in turf.

Other Characteristics

Varieties -
Seeding Rate 1/6 to 1/3 lb per 1000 sq.ft. (for pasture use)


Life cycle perennial
Propagation seed
Seeds/lb 600,000


Sun/shade sun to moderate shade
Soil will tolerate wide range of soil types; medium fertility with moisture is best
Moisture fairly drought tolerant
Mowing height 2" or higher
Fertility responds to N fertility

Special Problems

Poor low temperature tolerance; poor wear tolerance.