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Tall fescue - Festuca arundinacea Schreb.

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Plant characteristics

Growth Habit bunch; occasionally with short rhizomes
Texture medium to coarse
Density new varieties have moderate to moderately high density at high seeding rates
Color medium to dark green

Useful identifying Characteristics

auricles, small hairs, rolled, purple base, ribbed blade, rough leaf margin


Roadside, athletic fields, home lawns in the transition zone, now being used in more areas;
good drought tolerance; select "turf-type" tall fescues for lawn or athletic applications.

Other Characteristics

Varieties -
Seeding Rate 6 to 9 lb per 1000 sq.ft.
generally avoid mixing with other species.


Life cycle perennial
Propagation seed
Seeds/lb 250,000


Sun/shade sun, partial shade
Soil all, wider range than Kentucky bluegrass
Moisture tolerates drier conditions than Kentucky bluegrass; may need irrigation during establishment for best stand
Mowing height 2 1/2" to 3"
Fertility medium, will tolerate low fertility, 2 to 4 lb N/1000 sq.ft./year

Special Problems

Brown patch at high nitrogen fertility levels; may thin out over time in cool regions.